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Healing Angels of the Energy Field
Saturday, January 27, 9am-5pm $105
Collegeville, PA

Learn how to call upon the healing angels and how to use an angelic heartlink to connect with the angels’ energy. We will focus on the special healing gifts that specific archangels bring and will invite each of the healing angels to support us in our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual healing journey.


Exploring Past Lives – the Windows to your Soul
Sunday, February 11, 1pm-2pm $25
Kaleidoscope Angels, Douglassville, PA

To heal on a profound level, we must be willing to walk with our Soul. Exploring our past lives offers us glimpses into our Soul's unique journey and associated lessons and goals along the way. This workshop discusses a brief overview of past life regression therapy, how past life regression can be used for our benefit, and just how deep these sessions can be. Participants will be led through a light regression session for personal healing. This session will be held in Kaleidoscope Angels' Salt Cave.


2018 Angelic Connections
Each month for a five month teleconference series we will take some time to learn about a specific angel. We will bring in that angel's energy for meditation, healing, and messages. Join us for a heart opening experience on the following Sundays at 11am EST: Jan 21, Feb 18, Mar 18, Apr 15, May 20.

Exchange per session: $9

Conference call details will be forwarded to registered participants the day of the session.

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