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About Pam Aloia

My Story

In the late 1990s I found myself happily married with two beautiful and fun toddlers. I enjoyed lifting weights, long runs, martial arts classes and playing field hockey in local leagues all the while working 50-60 hours at a corporate job, running a household and sharing child responsibilities with my husband.  I was doing everything needed to be a successful mom, wife, employee, and athlete.

I thought all was going well until the migraines started creeping in - two or three a month initially - until eventually, their occurrences increased to 3-5 times a week. Minor digestive issues became increasingly disruptive in my daily life. Surgery stopped one issue and created another. Between the migraines and digestive issues, I understood that my body was fragile but I kept pushing it. I started withdrawing from family responsibilities in an attempt to maintain the status quo on all other fronts. Doctors prescribed medicines and I took them regardless of the horrible side effects experienced.

From the inside, I watched myself become another person - short-tempered, with angry outbursts, losing control, rather than the patient, focused person I knew I was. My marriage showed signs of strain. On a shoestring budget, I tried several alternative pathways, a boatload of supplements, and more with limited results. The frustration of thinking I may be destined for a life of physical pain riddled my emotions. Three years later, I reached my limit with the side effects of the medications I had been taking and decided to stop taking one of the more daunting drugs cold turkey. After dealing with a few weeks of unpleasant withdrawal symptoms I signed up for a local Reiki I class as a distraction as I thought it would enhance my martial art training.

About a month later my husband commented that I hadn’t been complaining of the headaches as much. I agreed but couldn’t pinpoint a reason as to why. But he could. Ever since I took the Reiki I class, my symptoms decreased tremendously. Naturally, I was hooked.  I completed all the Reiki level classes available and added new energy modalities as I was introduced to them - Magnified Healing, Integrated Energy Therapy, Hot Stone Therapy, Crystal Healing, Sound Healing, Meditation, and the list goes on.

Knowing that I had such fabulous results I knew I had to expose other people to my experiences and what was to me, a new way to heal. I opened Sol Angel with the intent to share this hope with anyone who might be in a similar position as I had been, and it has evolved into so much more.

There are many incredible facets to energy work and to each human being, that there is always knowledge to obtain and fascinating experiences to participate in. We’re all in this life together – we can be supportive and uplifting for each other in a myriad of ways.

I am honored to help people heal injuries faster, deal with emotional upsets more gracefully, recover more quickly from surgeries, address aspects in experiencing disease, allow a safe place for people to open their hearts, assist in understanding the world of energy logistics, work with people as they prepare to die, support survivors of those who have lost loved ones, and guide individuals to deeper spirituality and personal interactions.

I continuously look forward to what tomorrow will bring.  

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